12 -14 Feb 2023


About the conference

This conference deals with issues and programs related to gifted persons with disabilities (twice exceptionalism). It is one of the relatively recent topics in the fields of scientific research, and regulatory and legislative interest worldwide in general, and in the Arab world in particular. This conference comes to address this vital topic in light of the terrible technical progress brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which cast a shadow on all patterns of human life, and its impact extended in shaping human life socially, economically and cognitively.

On the other hand, the world has lived through difficult days during its dealings and coexistence with the Covid 19 pandemic, and this stage affected and continues to affect human life, and technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in particular had a prominent role in managing life affairs during it, and without a doubt, that Gifted individuals with disabilities are not immune from these major changes that the world is experiencing

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His Excellency Mr. Majid Al-Hogail

Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing

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His Excellency Professor Yousef Al-Bunyan

The minister of education

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His Excellency Engineer Ahmed Al-Rajhi

Minister of Human Resources and Social Development

Scientific Committee Members

Mr. Dr. Abdullah Al-Jaghiman

Chairman of the scientific committee

Professor of Gifted Education at King Faisal University, former member of the Shura Council, former president of the International Association for Giftedness and Excellence Research Chairman of the King Salman International Award for Disability Research 2020. Member of the Advisory Board of the Journal For The Education Of The Gifted - William & Mary University, USA, since 2010. Scientific advisor to the Global Talent Mentoring Center, which is supervised by the University of Regensburg


Mr. Dr. Nayef Al-Zari

Member of the Scientific Committee

Director General of Education in Jeddah Governorate


Dr. Fahd Suleiman winner

Member of the Scientific Committee

Assistant Professor of Giftedness and Creativity, King Saud University


Mr. Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Hussein

Member of the Scientific Committee

Professor of Special Education at King Saud University

Scientific Program

Conference main themes

10:00 AM -10:30 AM
Attendance Registration
10:30 AM -11:30 AM
A special session on the experiences of countries in empowering exceptional doubles
11:30 AM -12:00 PM

Tour of the accompanying exhibition

12:00 PM -12:30 PM
Dhuhr prayer + Break
12:30 PM -1:30 PM

Keynote lecture 1

Lecture topic: Brain Wired Differently: Supporting the Complexities of Twice Exceptional Learners

Lecturer Name: Dr. Susan Baum

1:40 PM -2:40 PM

Research paper 5

Building an assessment list for individuals with savant syndrome of autism spectrum disorder

Researcher name

Ms. Futon Al-Otaibi

Research paper 4

Exceptional bipolar prevalence rates and the factors influencing them: a systematic review

The names of the researchers

Dr.. Noura Al Melhem;

Dr.. Abdul Rahman Al-Sayed Al-Khalifa;

Dr.. Abdul Hameed Al-Arfaj;

Dr.. Sarah Al-Fawzan;

Dr.. Fahd Al-Naim

Research paper 3

Talented people with double privacy, detection and identification in the light of modern global trends

Researcher name

Dr.. Tariq Melhem

Research paper 2

Exceptional doubles with hearing disabilities (a proposed care and treatment program)

Researcher name

Mr. Dr. Yousra Zaki Abboud

Research paper 1

An analysis model to identify the performance of gifted students with learning difficulties in the primary school - Meta Analysis

Researcher name

Dr. Zainab Albanay

2:41 PM -2:48 PM
Parent experience
2:50 PM -3:50 PM

Research paper 10

Developing the skills of inclusion teachers in dealing with exceptional students and improving their social interaction within the classroom

The name of the researchers

Dr.. Ahmed Mohamed Gad Al-Mawla;

Dr.. Adel Saber Al-Enezi

Research paper 9

Conceiving a proposed strategy for teaching exceptional students according to their strengths

Researcher name

Dr.. Fatima Matar bin Halul

Research paper 8

The effectiveness of a group creativity program in developing self-confidence and academic achievement among gifted, low-achieving Bahraini students in the preparatory stage.

Researcher name

Dr.. Syed Salah Alawi Salman

Research paper 7

The effectiveness of a remedial educational program in improving the level of readiness to enroll in school for children with gifted indicators who are at risk for learning difficulties.

Researcher name

Dr.. Mohamed Ahmed Sayed Khalil

Research paper 6 

The effectiveness of a proposed program to detect and identify gifted students with autism spectrum disorder according to the Oasis Enrichment Model 

The name of the researchers 

a. Maryam Qomawy; 

a. Nahla Khalil

4:00 PM -8:00 PM

Training workshops

9:00 AM -10:00 AM

Keynote lecture 2

Lecture title: 2e: Facts and Fictions

Extraordinary Doubles: Fact and Fiction

Lecturer Name: Dr. Elena Grigorenko

10:01 AM -10:08 AM

Parent experience

10:10 AM -11:10 AM

invited lecturer 2

Lecture title: Gifted people with hearing disabilities, challenges of discovery and care

Lecturer name: Dr. Ahmed Hassan Hamdan


invited lecturer 1

Lecture title: Talent and its lost sons

Lecturer's name: Dr. Anis Al-Hroub

11:11 AM -11:20 AM

Parent experience 4

11:20 AM -12:20 PM

Keynote lecture 3

Lecture Title: Identifying and Nurturing Twice Exceptional Students at University

Detecting and caring for exceptional double students at the university

Lecturer Name: Prof. Ching-Chih Kuo

12:21 PM -12:28 PM

 Parent experience 5

12:30 PM -1:30 PM

Research paper 14

Create a stimulating environment for the burgeoning talents of the exceptional homeschool student

Establish a Stimulating Environment for Blooming Talents of a Homeschooling Student with twice-exceptionality.

The name of the researchers

Shu-Min Wu; Hsiang-Ting Lin


Research paper 13

Meeting the Exceptional Needs of Dual Students: School Programs from New Taipei City

Meeting the needs of twice-exceptional students: school-based programs from New Taipei City

Researcher name

Chia-Chao Li, PhD


Research paper 12

Enhancing mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills of a student with autism through computer-assisted project-based learning

Enhancing the mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills of an autistic student through computer-assisted project-based learning instruction

The name of the researchers

Kun-Ming Lien; Hung-Lun Pan





Research paper 11

Inspiring the potential of exceptional dual students through TCM: A case study of a student gifted in mathematics and science

Inspiring the Potential of Students with Twice-Exceptionality through TCM: A Case Study of a Gifted Student in Math and Science

The name of the researchers

Mei-Huei Li1, Chiao-Wen Wu1

1:30 PM -2:00 PM

Dhuhr prayer + rest

2:00 PM -3:00 PM

Keynote lecture 4

Technology at the service of exceptional doubles

Consort world Corporation

Lecturer Name: Camille Matta

Eng. Sami Al-Hussaini

Microsoft Corporation

Lecturer's name: M. Zainab Al-Amin

3:01 PM -3:08 PM

Parent experience

3:10 PM -4:10 PM

invited lecturer 4

Lecture topic: A success story of an athlete with disabilities

Lecturer's name: Ibrahim Hamato

invited lecturer 3

Lecture topic: The Inclusion Revolution: Disability and the Economy

Inclusion revolution: Disability & Economy

Lecturer Name: Nawal Akram

4:16 PM -4:16 PM

Asr prayer + coffee

5:00 PM -8:00 PM

Creativity Night (from My Double Exception)

9:00 AM -10:00 AM

Keynote lecture 5

Lecture topic: How to Create Alternate Assessments and Incorporate Accommodation That Work

How to create alternate ratings and incorporate appropriate amenities

Lecturer Name: Jacqueline Byrne

10:01 AM -10:08 AM

Parent experience

10:10 AM -11:10 AM

invited lecturer 6

Lecture: students and gifted people with special cases

Lecturer name: Dr. Majid Al-Wadaani

invited lecturer 5

Lecture Title: Recognition and support for gifted students with specific learning disabilities

Lecturer name: Dr. Anis Al-Hroub

11:11 AM -11:18 AM

Parent experience

11:20 AM -12:20 PM

Saudi Arabia

Paper Title:

 Authority for the Care of Persons with Disabilities

Lecturer Name:

 Dr. Hisham Al-Haidari


Paper Title: 

The participation of the national council for persons with disabilities in Egypt 

Lecturer Name:

Dr. Eman Kareem

European Union

: Paper title

European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities

Lecturer's name:

Maya Dunaeva

Canadian Council of Persons with Disabilities

  Paper title: Empowering my exceptional doubles

Empowering the Talented of People with Disabilities

Lecturer Name:

 Heather Walkus

International experiences in caring for exceptional doubles
12:21 PM -12:28 PM

Parent experience

12:30 PM -1:30 PM

Research paper 18

Teaching and support strategies based on the strengths of the exceptional student

Strength-based teaching and support strategies for a twice- exceptional student

Researcher name

Shih-Chen Tuan

Research paper 17

Using Extended and Supplemental WISC-V Index Scores to Identify a Student with Dual Exceptionalism: An Experience of Decision Makers in Taiwan

Using expanded and ancillary index scores of WISC-V to identify a twice-exceptional student: The experience of policy making process in Taiwan

Researchers name

Ching-Chih Kuo; Rong-Guey Ho; Yen-Wei Chen

Research paper 16

How gifted teachers and a counselor collaborate to develop an effective curriculum for exceptional dual students

How Gifted Teachers and a Counselor Cooperate to Develop an Affective Curriculum for Twice-Exceptional Students

The name of the researchers

Chien-Hong Yu; Chien-Chi Chu

Research paper 15

Crossroads -The student's bewilderment from the dualities of exceptionalism, obstacles, and expectations in choosing a profession

A Fork in the Road—A Multiple Talented 2e Student’s Confusion, Obstacles and Expectations in Career Selection

Researchers name

Chien-Chi Chu; Ting-Yu Ou; Chien-Hong Yu

1:30 PM -2:00 PM

Dhuhr prayer + rest

2:00 PM -3:00 PM

 The role of Taif University in serving exceptional doubles from the point of view of its employees

The name of the researchers

Dr.. Noura Al Harthy;

Mr. Dr. Mona Tolba

A disclosure form to identify the performance of gifted students with learning disabilities in the primary stage, a meta-analysis

Lecturer name: 

Dr. Zainab Al-Bannai

Learn about the perspectives of teachers of gifted students with learning difficulties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Lecturer name: 

Dr. Muhammad Al-Adsani

Developing the skills of inclusion teachers in dealing with exceptional students and improving their social interaction within the classroom

The name of the researchers

Dr.Ahmed Al-Mawla

Dr. Adel Al-Enezi

3:01 PM -3:08 PM

Parent experience

3:10 PM -4:10 PM

Keynote lecture 6

Double challenged, double fun: A perspective on blindness, autism and giftedness

Lecture topic: Twice the Challenge, Twice the Fun: Perspectives on Blindness, Autism, and Giftedness

Lecturer Name: Daniel Kish

4:15 PM -4:15 PM

Afternoon prayer + coffee

5:00 PM -10:00 PM

Creativity Night (from My Double Exception)

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